//Welcome to Samanthas Stylz

Welcome to Samanthas Stylz

Hello, Welcome to Samanthas Stylz

Here to provide Personalised gifts for all.

Our best sellers are our Soft toy animals and Sports balls Adding names and personal details and images to create that perfect gift.

Im super lucky to run my business out of my house. We have converted our office area to my Sewing room, I’m not sure there is any inch of that room not in use!!

I create every design for every order based on the customer requests and any information provided to me when they order.  Some customers give me full freedom to create however I please, and others know exactly what they want having so many very high tech sewing machines help me to design the perfect gift. 

Behind the scenes creating each order

Step 1 the order is placed:  customers give me all the information and custom requests they might have; Something to match a Nursery, or to commemorate a big day like an adoption. 


Step 2 is the design.  I sit down with all of the information and create a proof for the item, this exact design is what will be embroidered on the item.  I send the image from the computer to the customer for approval

ss behind the scene lap top

Step 3 is Embroidery: Once I have an approved proof I can embroider.  I hoop the item, apply stabilizer and anything to help with embroidery process and we are moving!  After embroidery, I clean up the item trimming where needed and removing excess stabilizer and such.

ss machine 1

Step 4 is Packaging:  I think presentation is really important so I always do my best to make the item be ready to gift right out of the mailing box. 

ss packaged

Where the magic happens 

My happy place is my sewing room, I love to create the items I make for my business and really enjoy the designing aspect of the embroidery.  I love that no matter the item it can be so personalized!!  Since I work a real job my “side gig” is actually one of my happy places and not just a job! Due to the numbers of orders and the growth in my business we tranformed my sewing room into a sewing room to best work for me. Building brand new storage units and Machine stations. We have also built a great play area for my son to keep him happy and entertained when im creating my orders. A great place for us both to hang out together. 

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Come Meet Me 

Craft fair in Holland MI Aug 4th 2018 (Saturday only 9-4pm)

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